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          Underwriting & Gift Gathering Party

          It's auction season! Join us at our Annual Underwriting & Gift Gathering Party to help us prepare for the main event and to meet some of our auction's biggest supporters!

          The Annual Underwriting & Gift Gathering Party is an appreciation party for any individuals who have made a monetary or gift donation to the “Roar into the 20s” Dinner Auction, which will be held on Saturday, March 28. Contributing to the “Roar into the 20s" Dinner Auction through underwriting is a simple and rewarding way to support Cardinal Gibbons High School.

          Date & Time

          4510 NE 23 AVE。 
          劳德代尔堡,FL 33308


          Jamie & Tim Bascombe
          Shannon & Joe Brooks
          Tara & Mike Hoyer
          Tresa Stiles & Erik Johnson
          Suzanne & Paul McCawley
          Jan & Steven Nouss
          Karen & Roman Polivka
          Dr. Ivan & Kristi Puente
          Nicki & Todd Rowntree
          Carrie & Jamie Tidwell

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